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SketchUp Components: Trees, Bushes, Flowers, Vegetation


SketchUp Components


Google's SketchUp is one of the easiest and coolest rapid design tools out there. Once you've built your creation in SketchUp, landscape it with 3D Nature's Components for SketchUp.

Whether your task is Urban Forestry, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture or Golf Course Design, we have the broad variety of Components for SketchUp you need at a reasonable price. This data CD works equally well in SketchUp 5 or SketchUp 6, Free or Pro, on Windows or Mac.

Take your design to the next level by bringing in the natural outdoors. Don't be constrained by poor-quality trees that look like child's doodles, get the largest and most realistic Components tree library available for SketchUp!

Check out the contact sheets (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 and Page 4) to see what all is included.

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Biggest and Most Cost Effective

3D Nature's Components for SketchUp represent the greatest value in foliage libraries for SketchUp. Featuring Conifer/Evergreen, Deciduous/Broadleaf, Bush/Shrub, Flower, Cacti, and Mushrooms as well as non-foliage items like Animals, Street Signs, Stumps, Rocks and Fire Hydrants! Almost 1100 items for $99, or less than 12 cents each!

Most Realistic

Our Components for SketchUp are made as face-me objects alpha-textured with photos of real trees and other items. They look like actual botanically-correct trees because they ARE actual trees in the wild! Multiple specimens of each species are provided so you can make a garden or forest without seeing repetition.

Highly detailed

Our tree images are typically over 1000 pixels tall, so they look good and retain their detailed appearance, even up close!